Reasons to Become a Dental Assistant

Thinking about becoming a dental assistant but you aren’t sure whether or not it’s a good job? Well, no worries, this article will discuss a few reasons why you should not only consider a career in this field, but also why the benefits of it are so enticing.

The healthcare industry is expected to boom significantly over the coming years. Healthcare is becoming more accessible and more citizens are reaping its benefits. Because of this, the demand for more workers in specific healthcare niches is rising exponentially. Facilities, whether privately owned or government managed, are looking for more hands to meet the demands of a rising population. The field of dental assisting is no different. So what makes this career worth specializing in?


First off, the people.
If you like communicating and relating to people in a professional setting then dental assisting is the job for you. You will get to meet people of all walks of life, engage with them, socialize with them, and bring a smile to their face while solving their health related issues. It’s all about hospitality, your personality could end up being the reason someone has a good day and experience. In fact, they might even continue to get routine checkups because of you, and also recommend the office to a friend or family member.


Second, job security.
Like I said, the healthcare industry is booming. As long as you are certified and have some experience under your belt you are guaranteed a job as a dental assistant. Not to mention that the BLS has stated that there is a 30 percent boom in employment for dental assisting.


Third, benefits.
As a dental assistant not only do you get healthcare and dental benefits, but you also get paid sick leave and vacation time. You are treated with respect and consideration by your employer, always. Man it feels good to be king.