About Camp Get-A-Well-A

What is Camp Get-A-Well-A ?

Camp Get-A-Well-A is the first and only in-hospital camp experience of its kind. We bring a five-day camp into hospitals so that kids undergoing a hospital stay can experience camp.

Camp Get-A-Well-A is a camp for children with all types of illnesses, brought to children’s hospitals around the country. At Camp Get-A-Well-A, we feel it is important to recognize that children in the hospital need to have not only their physical needs met, but also their social and emotional needs. Because healing the spirit can help heal the body, we believe that sometimes the best medicine does not come from a bottle.

Camp Get-A-Well-A serves patients of all races, religions and socioeconomic status as well as all types of diagnoses and ability levels. Camp even offers activities designed especially for the parents and siblings to make them feel special in included.

In the past six years we have served nearly 6000 kids, bringing camp to various children’s hospitals. All camp services are free to participating hospitals, children and families.

Our Mission Statement

Camp Get-A-Well-A provides a realistic camp experience to sick children in the hospital. We provide activities that invoke play, provide stress relief, create memories and engage children in a sense of community while living in a sterile environment.

Why do we do this?

Kids in the hospital are still kids. That is why we created Camp Get-A-Well-A . We feel it is important to recognize that children in the hospital not only have to have their physical needs met, but also their social and emotional needs. Camp Get-A-Well-A is a safe, fun diversion for kids and families who are dealing with difficult health issues. At Camp Get-A-Well-A we believe that healing the spirit can help heal the body. Sometimes the best medicine does not come out of a bottle – and such is the main philosophy behind Camp Get-A-Well-A .

Wasn’t camp an all-time childhood favorite of yours? We want all kids to experience it, even if they are in the hospital! “We know that this program was especially valuable for children who had planned on attending a summer camp but were unable to do so due to illness and hospitalization,” said Teresa Boeger, MS, CTRS/CCLS, director of Child Life and Volunteer Services at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

How do you Build a Camp in a Hospital?

A theatrical set of stumps, tents, logs and wildlife is assembled in a central area of the hospital for the week’s fun filled camp. Activities for the campers take place in playrooms, common areas of the hospital and at a patient’s bedside, and are all staffed by Camp Get-A-Well-A volunteers and the hospital staff and volunteers.

The Camp Get-A-Well-A staff works in conjunction with the hospital child life staff to develop the itinerary and activities within the guidelines of each hospital as well as to JCAHO standards.